PB Jewellery

Quality and Care



Our gold pieces are plated on solid silver. In time and depending on care taken and the amount of wear, gold  plated pieces are susceptible to the gold wearing away. This can give character to your jewellery, however if you would like to minimize the effect, we advise you to follow the  directions below.


All our silver jewellery is made from solid 925 silver. Silver naturally tarnishes with exposure to the environment . Additionally, lotions, perfumes, bleach and chlorine all have adverse effects on the look of the silver. In order to reduce the effects of tarnishing on your jewellery , we advise you to follow the directions below.

Directions of care

  • Avoid wearing when showering
  • Avoid wearing over night and during sporting activities
  • Keep away from harsh chemicals, lotions and perfume.
  • Store in the bag provided when not in use.
  • To clean and restore shine, rub gently and very occasionally with a lint free cloth.